PSi Hubik?  A brand that motorcyclists from all around the world wear today, began as a thought from an engineer named Libor Hubik.  Who can say more about PSi then the owner and founder himself?  What were all the challenges that Libor went through and what actually brought him to form PSi? We interviewed him personally so we could find out how it all began!


Libor: Since 1985 I was road racing motorcycles in the 250CC category with a Jawa “symetrakem”  In those days there was a real shortage of brands for anything to do with racing, and except for a modest production of racing leather suits in the city of Most, it was only possible to find used leathers.  They were non-officially imported from our Western neighbors, and the ability to choose your proper size or the colors you wanted fell into the category of unrealizable dreams.  The Italian producers of racing gear back then, which I saw at the World Championships in Brno, totally fascinated me.   Combining technology and design into a functional unit was magical.  When the year 1989 arrived followed by the possibility of free enterprise the first thoughts to begin making these types of products, according to my own ideas, in the Czech Republic were born.

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